The best dog care for all dogs

Your pet's well-being is our priority. Our sustainable natural dog care contributes to the health of your dog, for a fair price!

Hondenshampoo voor alle hondenrassen met een gevoelige huid. Geschikt voor labra doodle, labrador, poedel, teckel, shiba inu, cavalier, franse bulldog, golden retriever, pomeriaan, maltipoo, cavapoo, jack russel en berner sennen.

"At Fresh & Fluffy, we strive to offer the best quality pet care to the consumer at a fair price. We create pet products where the environment and the well-being of your pet are of most important."

De beste natuurlijke hondenshampoo voor uw labradoodle, cockapoo, maltipoo, cavapoo, terrier, franse bulldog en

We discovered that a mild dog shampoo based on natural and vegan ingredients is not accessible to everyone. This is due to the high prices asked for these shampoos. Many consumers opt for a cheaper, often chemical dog shampoo or use their own shampoo or shower gel for their pet. This with all its consequences!

Your dog's skin is fragile and sensitive , so choose a shampoo that is as natural as possible, adjusted to the needs of your dog's skin and coat.

A proper dog shampoo is important to not unnecessarily affect the protective layer of your dog's skin. By washing your dog with a dog shampoo you remove dirt and unpleasant odors. Washing with the right shampoo can be soothing to the dogs' skin and reduce itchiness. Our shampoos have a soothing, calming and cleansing effect with mild and natural ingredients. Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin and all other types of dogs. Our shampoos also smell wonderfully fresh due to the use of essential oils. Your dog's coat will also get more shine.

Ruikt uw hond vies? Koop deze natuurlijke hondenshampoo. Verwijdert nare geurtjes en ruikt heerlijk zelfs dagen na de wasbeurt van uw hond. Probeer het de hondenshampoo nu voor €9,95

Dog snacks (available at the end of March)

Just like the dog shampoos, we discovered that supplements for the dog are not only expensive, but often also inconvenient. Animal supplements are often available in the form of an oil, powder or paste. Many dog breeds have problems with their joints or fur. Online and in pet stores, there is a wide variety of supplements that contribute to these types of problems, but they are often very expensive.

Our snacks are a delicious treat for your dog with ingredients that contribute to your dog's specific needs. Due to the many added minerals, vitamins and other essential substances , our snacks are extremely suitable for daily use. This way your dog gets the nutrients your dog needs for good health and resistance.

The ingredients for the dog snacks have been carefully selected by animal nutritionists . Please take a look at our ingredients list.

The reusable packaging makes these dog biscuits easy to store and take with you.

Oh, did you know that?

Did you know that we are a Dutch company? Our office and warehouse are located in Amsterdam. We sell our products in 235 countries worldwide . This is how we make healthy dog care and nutrition available for everyone.