Ingredients | Natural dog shampoo for sensitive skin

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At Fresh & Fluffy we research what is important for your pet to select the right ingredients for our products. Read more about the ingredients used in our natural and vegan dog shampoo formulas below. 

Our unique natural and vegan formula that for 98% by biological origin, distinguishes itself in several areas as the right shampoo for your pet. In addition to natural and mild cleansing, all our shampoos are rich in minerals in vitamins, pH neutral, moisturizing, calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory. Excellent against dry, sensitive of irritated skin, stimulating skin renewal, firming and nutrition. This also ensures a antistatic operation, better rolekambaarheid and a natural one glans. In addition, the shampoo protects your pet against bacteria, viruses, fungi and dandruff, which has a soothing effect in case of insect bites, minor burns of muscle strain. Furthermore, hair growth, wound healing and skin elasticity are promoted. Finally, the composition was chosen for smells that help against stress, restlessness, cramps and mood swings and worry relaxation, self confidence and a cheerful feeling.

Ingredient overview and explanation: