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Steamed Duck - Kivo

Steamed Duck - Kivo

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You really can't ignore some products. One of them is this delicious roll with steamed duck. It's packed with meat and is accompanied by well-known members of the veggie club such as carrot & apple. This hypoallergenic meal also contains rice with a membrane, a nice fiber-rich addition. And that's not all, because it also contains important vitamins & minerals. Can you imagine how cozy it is in there? All ages can enjoy this meal.

78% duck meat (with 5% heart, 3% liver) , 15% brown rice, 3% vegetables, 2% fruit.

Adult dog: 20 grams per kilo of body weight per day. Puppies: 40 grams per kilo of body weight per day. Can be kept outside the freezer or refrigerator for 18 months. Store in a dark and dry place. Can be kept in the refrigerator for 4 days after opening.

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