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Cold-pressed chunk of Salmon & Rice - Kivo

Cold-pressed chunk of Salmon & Rice - Kivo

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Our trusted kibble now has an improved gluten-free recipe. The basis is the same, but a few delicious foodies have been added and all the gluten has been removed. This is because gluten is often a protein that dogs respond less well to. In addition, there are so many better nutritious ingredients that we could do without them !

The number 1 ingredient in these chunks is dried salmon. The digestive system of our furry friends works best on as much meat or fish as possible! We ensure that the percentage of animal proteins is always higher than the rest.

Furthermore, this tasty meal is bursting with natural ingredients, is packed with vitamins and minerals and is suitable for all breeds.

This chunk is cold-pressed and produced without frills.

That means free from:

– gluten (such as wheat, barley, rye, spelt)

– soy

- sugar

- salty

– artificial fragrances, colors and flavors

– artificial antioxidants

– unnecessary fillers

Because we press the kibble at a lower temperature, the nutrients are less damaged. This way they remain optimally available for your fluff ball.

This chunk is enriched with salmon oil and prebiotics. It also contains vegetables, fruits and nutritious botanicals.

Finally, it contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which support joints and bones.

Dried salmon (26%, of which 10% salmon oil), puffed rice (26%), steamed sorghum, puffed corn, locust bean flour, beet pulp, animal fat, brewer's yeast, lignosulfonate, vegetable fat, monocalcium phosphate, sunflower oil, pea (0.1%), banana (0.1%), carrot (0.1%), apple (0.1%), nettle (0.1%), parsley (0.1%), cranberry (0.1%), glucosamine (0.05%), chondroitin (0.05%).

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