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Crispy carrot & zucchini - Edgard & Cooper

Crispy carrot & zucchini - Edgard & Cooper

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This complete, plant-based recipe meets all expectations. It's delicious and it gives your dog everything he needs, including a vitamin B12 boost. It is packed with perfectly balanced plant-based proteins including 10 essential amino acids from potato, rice and peas. This hypoallergenic recipe also contains plenty of fresh vegetables and a nutritious blend of fruits, herbs and legumes. Everything is gently cooked: this way all the goodies and that delicious taste are optimally preserved. And your dog? He smiles happily from ear to ear.

Size: 1kg

fresh vegetables 20% (carrot 4%, zucchini 4%, turnip 3%, parsnip 3%, potato 2%, beans, peas 1%, celery), rice 12.5%, rice protein 11%, pea protein 9%, sunflower oil, yeast (dried, including mannan oligosaccharides (MOS)), vegetable fibres, potato protein 4.5%, potato (dried) 4%, pea starch 3.5%, lentils (dried), vegetarian sauce, minerals, alfalfa (dried), linseed, peas (dried) 2%, seaweed (dried), pear (dried) 0.1%, chicory (dried), blueberries (dried) 0.05%, cranberries (dried), DHA gold, marjoram (dried) .

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