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Scottish Salmon Oil - 500ML

Scottish Salmon Oil - 500ML

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Salmon oil is suitable for dogs or cats with skin problems and joint infections that can benefit from taking salmon oil. In addition, salmon oil can contribute to better concentration, higher food intake , good fertility and better coat condition .

A full feeder likes to be dressed a little with a nip of oil. And then you're in the right place with this one. Our salmon oil is extracted from fresh salmon swimming in the cold waters of Scotland and Norway. Guess what this bottle is overflowing with... That's right: healthy fatty acids! And especially omega 3. These fatty acids are good for (there it is, because it is quite a list):

  • Skin problems
  • Dull coat
  • Better concentration
  • Higher food intake
  • Supple joints
  • Better fertility
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect

An indispensable item for your pantry. Because we want this oil to remain full of omega 3, we put it in a dark bottle. This means that no UV light enters and the omega 3 remains unharmed.

100% salmon oil, with vitamin E as a natural antioxidant.

Puppy, Kitten, Adult, Junior & Senior

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